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Rogue Squares



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Our caller is 

Out side Callers 

Our Club President is

Carl Muck

All dances are held at Rogue Valley Square Dance Center. 3377 Table Rock Road, Medford, OR.

The third Friday we have a Mainstream Dance with  every third tip Plus. Dance starts at 6:30 Advanced 7:30 pre-rounds, 8:00 Mainstream and Plus.

Our classes are held at the Square Dance Center Medford OR 


  Star Promenanders:  Traditional Dress definition or Casual as defined below.  Dress code to be put on all flyers and posted at RVSDC.

  Charlie Browns:  Traditional, Proper/Basic, Casual as defined below.  Dress Code to be put on all flyers and posted in JCSDC Fairgrounds).

  Circle n' Square: Traditional, Proper and Casual definitions from USDA and Caller Lab.  Dress code to be put on all flyers and posted in Square Dance Hall

  RogueSquares: Traditional, Proper/Basic, Casual and Theme as defined below.  Dress code to be put on all flyers and posted at RVSDC.

 Dress Code Definitions

  Square Dance style dress or skirt with blouse/top and petticoat and petti-pants or prairie type long skirts with blouse/top for women.  Long sleeve shirts and ties for men with nice jeans or western style slacks.

  Long or short sleeve shirts for men, short sleeve blouses/tops for women.  Square Dance style dress or skirt prairie type long skirts, nice jeans or slacks for men and women. No tie required.

  Male - T-shirts with sleeves, polo shirts etc with short sleeves. Pants: length no shorter than just above the   knee. No tank tops.

  Female - Blouses, t-shirts with sleeves etc with no bare backs or midriffs Pants: Bermudas, petal pushers or long pants. Skirts: no shorter than top of knee or above knee must wear petti-pants. No revealing or see        through clothing.  No spandex, hi-cut shorts, bare midriff tops, tank tops or muscle shirts).

  Using the casual guidelines and adding items that fit the theme of the dance. It can always be more toward      traditional, but not less than casual.

  Please dress according to gender dancing.

  We have a wonderful heritage to look back on, who can tell what the future will bring. Evolution and changes   can be good, but let's not allow changes from such a beautifully exquisite tradition to deteriorate to street,   work and business level of sameness.

  We must always keep flexibility in mind as not everyone picks up a flyer before each dance and those who are    visiting may not know the suggested level of attire for any given dance.

  Dress code to be put on all flyers